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Another Mild Moment of Self Promo

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 15, 2013, 8:32 AM
... So it's coming pretty much to my attention I barely update my devaintART page. heh. Sorry folks... seems like I'm looking at other portals to put my work online. 

I've been using Facebook QUITE extensively to post my stuff and also talk to people. It's extremely handy compared to me visiting dA every week. So here's the link once again to my stuff. You'll find a lot more new work than what I post here :)

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I can has Youtube Channel?

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2013, 8:10 PM
So ok, in a funny turn of events I now have a youtube channel!


Currently just making music videos of some kind, really trippy stuff of course but best if I can get your support with a subscription or like, that would be wonderful. :) Helps bring it more to the masses.

It's hard work producing a ton of content each day. Would appreciate a bit of help.

Thanks! :D

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New Music: Part-Time Platypi - These Walls

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 10:47 PM
So, on the side of everything I've been up to, I've also been mastering and putting tracks together (and also adding piano track as well) for my friends. Part-Time Platypi just began as a group and we're making music on our spare time. Just having fun and stuff. Though of course, if anything give us support, help the music spread, like it, comment it, repost it! In return, we'll keep making and adding more musical goodness! :)

These Walls on Soundcloud

Part-TimePlatypi Facebook Page

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Album [Let's Go to Space] Preview Track

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 30, 2013, 8:07 AM
So I've been making an original album with a couple 100% continuous, self-loopable, and album-loopable music. Currently still working away on it, but I'm sure I'll be done pretty soon. I'll probably make it free but maybe not, it really depends on what I think over all.

Let's Go to Space is mostly chip-tune/electro-house/techno/trance inspired music meant originally for a game which I guess may get made but I never know until we start on it.

Either way you can listen to the super short preview of track#6:

As usual... you can find a bit more on Facebook!

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Facebook Skybase!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 24, 2013, 1:21 AM
I now have a Facebook page instead of just a profile. I've been littering Facebook with fresh art / music on a near daily basis. You'll be able to check out works-in-progress, sketches, sounds, music, photos of whatever artsy thing I'm working on at the moment. I may also share resources, tips, and tutorials so go ahead and "Like" the page!

I figure it'd be nicer to keep up with audiences and other artists so I hope this becomes just another portal for chat and otherwise.

So come around!

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So much art, so little time Links to other places

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 2:31 AM
So unfortunately my dA account's almost defunct since I'm barely uploading work there. I do have a ton of other places where I keep new stuff posted (since most of them are kinda drafty works anyway).

For one you can visit my tumblr page (with ALMOST a daily update) right here:
And subsequently I maintain a ton of side-project tumblr pages including my experimental sound project "The Sounds of Forgetting":
Of course my sometimes-updated comic: adayinlifeofadigitalartist.tum…

There's also my blog:

Lots of work folks. Lots of new stuff happening. Just can't show it all.

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A Day in Life of a Digital Artist: THE COMIC

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2012, 5:48 AM
I haven't necessary left deviantART, I'm really just... getting a bit busy with actual work. Very difficult to post stuff and keep things going and living here when I can't post the work I do. So that's kinda sad.

Anyway aside from that news I've been maintaining a little comic for myself: A Day in Life of a Digital Artist. The comic follows Cyan, a 2D/3D photography general artist (and sometimes sound design and musician), who works as a freelance artist in the hostile world of creative businesses. A Day in Life of a Digital Artist is a mark and reminder of the dumb crap I get into, it is also all about what's annoying, really lame, and just downright awful. It's PRETTY MUCH FICTIONAL, but it's part based on truth. I just exaggerate the issues.

The comic began on a classroom whiteboard as an outlet of irritation and constant stupid. I personally enjoy making fun of stuff and also making fun of myself in the process. Continuing the conversation, the trend, and other fancy I can say about this, I bought a 100 yen ($1) whiteboard and some stupid-cheap pens and began the journey of Cyan the artist once again online.

I've posted some of the comics here and will post more to keep the thing going.

A Day in Life of a Digital Artist: 1080p by Skybase A Day in Life of a Digital Artist: Phone Reception by Skybase

Well anyway, here's the link again: A Day in Life of a Digital Artist

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Sensato Music Video Used My Stuff :)

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 1, 2012, 10:05 AM
So I got a bit of a surprise today when I heard from blackwatchstudio over on saying that somehow one of my little things that I posted on Video Hive ended up on "Sensato - Crazy People ft. Pitbull, Sak Noel" music video. Surprise! :D Woo hoo!

The elements I specifically made (not for the video but for the general purpose) was the blue, pink, and green circles that ripple outwards. Here's the link to the product:… And the glowy blue and orange squares: Here's the link to the product:…

Now go and watch it!…

My VideoHive portfolio is here...…

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Rejected Music Comes Back to Life

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 7:58 PM

Initially this piece was made for a compilation, instead it was fully rejected because ... it sounded totally different from the main goal of the thing. Either way I went back, remastered it fully for the tastes of the 2012 audience. It was created in 2010. 100% experimental, have no idea how you'd react to it. Totally IDM style... well ok tons of things.…

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Where did Skybase Go?

Journal Entry: Fri May 11, 2012, 11:19 PM
Hi everybody! So I haven't been actively updating my dA account for quite some time now. A good reason: I'm stocking up on stuff :) So just letting everybody know that I'm really... well "not dead" lets just put it that way.

I'm also packing up and doing all sorts of fancy. Busy days ahead!

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The Door to Tomorrow Trailer NUMBER 2!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2012, 10:19 PM
So I finally made another trailer for my up coming animated film The Door to Tomorrow.

The work should be done pretty soon but I probably can't upload it here given some restrictions on film festivals and otherwise. It will be a while before you may see it online fully. But either way enjoy this second trailer for the film. :)

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The Door to Tomorrow Trailer

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 9:20 PM
I made a short trailer for the Door to Tomorrow film project I'm doing for my thesis at RIT.

You can view it here:

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There's No Such Thing as Trying to be an Artist

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 9:07 AM
There is NO such thing as trying to be an artist. Either you are one or you aren't.

Everyday I see people TRYING to be an artist. I'm sick of people saying they're trying to be an artist.

An artist does art. He or she lives for art, practices art, researches art, experiments art, says art, hears art, and dies for art. And if you thought being an artist was just about making art, you should think again. Really. Just think again. Because artists don't pull stuff out of thin air. Artists sense the world and wonder what they could do to say something about it. And whether it'd be just a cool looking fractal or some colorful experiment you did with your paints, it doesn't matter. It says who you are and where you're going.

Don't try to be an artist if you're going to be one. Live it and die for it. That's the least you can do for art.

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Dute Ventures Episode 4 Complete

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2011, 7:39 AM
Dute Episode 4 reaches a new limit on what my brain can do. This is the highest quality version of Dute and it's 27 picts long. Darn. Here are all the parts in order.

Mature Content

Dute Ventures Episode 4 Part 1 by Skybase

Mature Content

Dute Ventures Episode 4 Part 2 by Skybase
Dute Ventures Episode 4 Part 3 by Skybase

Mature Content

Dute Ventures Episode 4 THE END by Skybase

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What is my Name?

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2011, 5:57 PM
So you guys... it's been long and maybe I should just say it. I really really have been keeping it pretty quiet and I've been careful not to blow my name everywhere but guess what. I'll just say it because it's got some recognition. My name is Yuya Takeda. I'm a Japanese artist, photographer, director, composer, and sometimes writer. I'm a 3D/2D generalist, and I work with various programs from Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, After Effects... etc etc.

With love and respect,

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Next Project: The Door to Tomorrow

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 8, 2011, 12:17 PM
Hello everybody!

It's been a long time since I posted something here and quite frankly part of the problem is that I was being lazy. But that's not what I'm getting at. I'm currently working on a short, animated film titled: The Door to Tomorrow. The story's basically what the title says: a door that leads to tomorrow. You'll see more about it as time goes on.

I've uploaded some bits and pieces of the film's background and some other works already on dA but you'll see more. :) I promise you that.

So yeah, just wait a bit and you'll see.

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HAVOC part 1 Is Finally on DeviantART

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 8:25 AM
It took me a while. But HAVOC part 1 is finally here.

You can view it right here:

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I'm Not Icarus

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 21, 2011, 10:57 AM
Here's something I wrote in an hour out of just a dream I had.

[I'm Not Icraus]

I'm not Icarus, I'm not an angel, a messenger of god, anything like that. I'm just a normal human being with wings. I didn't mean to grow them, I didn't want to grow them, and I never wished they grown on me. People always wish they an travel the skies and fly. I wished that too and as a child I wished I had wings so I can go all over the place. But now that I have these, I feel like I'm trapped.

There's more to having wings than none. First of all, nobody in the world owns a pair of wings excepting the birds. I'm a human being with wings. How crazy is that? Nobody will believe this story right? It happened with me for whatever reason.

The first people who were confused were the doctors. They thought I was a joke, that my parents were making this up. But I had to prove to them that these were real. They were wings that functioned just as a bird's wings. They're not small either, they're quite large, but I can't fly with them. Either way, as much as they were perplexed, I became some medical mystery for those doctors. They were happy to study me. I didn't want them to, but they pushed me into it anyway. Some called me an alien, others were quite convinced that I wasn't, instead I was some genetic hybrid of a bird and a human. Nothing really explains it.

My daily life changed since the day my wings were fully grown. First the doctors, next came a media hype. I was subject to some really annoying load of people taking pictures of me. I even had a press conference which I didn't want at all. I got paid fair, but not everybody did. Of course then there were tons of folks who yelled that I was making all of this up. That every single piece of feather and all of the little things inside of me were fake. Some even argued that I was a robot designed to look like a human with wings. They're all wrong and that frustrated me the most. I hated the media hype, but I also hated those who denied these wings. Sure it's unbelievable, but it's painful when people think I'm a liar. I'm not. I don't want these. I don't want to fly anymore. I wanted them to see for themselves that this was real, that I was real but it was never going to happen.

The next annoyance came from the religious people. I don't believe in god, and even if he did exist, I believed he left the world to be. I was rather deist than anything, but I don't place myself anywhere. Some folks called an Angel, that I was a gift from god or gods and that I'm god's messenger. Some said I was the devil. I just couldn't stand the sight of people praying to me as I walked from place to place. I didn't want them to pray to me. I can't answer wishes, I can't give them happiness. I don't have messages and I don't have any intention of destroying the world. I'm mildly spiritual, but I don't believe too much into it. I don't read books on this stuff at all. I'm just a kid with wings. I don't think anybody understands that.

Some of my friends were creeped out by the wings I grew. Others became jealous. I told them I didn't want them. I got beaten when I said that. My best friend though stayed with me. She was the only one who listened to me and understood me. Though her parents hated the attention she got just out of the friendship. We eventually began writing letters to each other instead of meeting, and finally she moved away. Her parents left me a note saying, "Don't follow us." I wanted to say sorry to them, they knew it wasn't my fault, but they didn't want to be part of it. I don't know where she lives anymore.

I was finally left empty. I had nothing but annoyance in my life. I was tired of it all and I was losing my choices in life. Maybe I should become an angel. Yes, I thought about death. Happiness died with the wings.

On a nice summery evening, I decided to head out for once and look around town. Everybody just jeered at me but I didn't care anymore. I had more things running through my head at once than ever. I just wanted to leave the world. I tried flapping my wings, though they weren't enough to lift me.

And I finally gave up on living. My life was no longer worth anything excepting attention.

- - -

As much as that was the story I wanted to tell of what I've been, I also want to apologize here. I'm sure you trusted me when you began reading this but this is going to break all the trust. I'm going to say sorry a million times. I had rough days thinking about writing this. I didn't know if I should.

I know what happens next since it already happened. I heard all about it and I can't write about it no matter what. It's hard for me to write about it.

I'm his best friend who left him on his own. I wanted to write letters but my parents never allowed me to. I sit here, writing this as I imagined wearing his wings.

Now he's gone.

I miss him.

A lot.

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Qualification of Art: Responses

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 29, 2011, 9:06 AM
I guess the commentary has settled so here's just some summary and my thoughts about what qualifies "art."

As expected, many of us are relativists. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" for example is a relativist statement and we seem to figure the sense of what's art and not art. Here's Trapiki saying the same thing:

"It all boils down to what is pleasing to your eye. Personal preference plays a lot in that definition. Someone might look at a picture of a lamppost and think, 'It's just a lamppost' others will look at it and see something completely different." - Trapiki

And then we have the generalized definition:

"But I am not that sure about that definition. Maybe art is like almost anything in life, dependant on the perspective and the point of view." - Beykex

"Art is whatever people want it to be. If someone says its art then it is for the most part..
But i would just say anything that people have created can be classified as art if they want it to be. ^_^" - tehmantra

And then we have the ULTRA relativist answer:

"Ask a trillion people, and you'll get a trillion different answers!" - soloact-the-bard

Not so sure if some trillion people will give different answers. In the general understanding of art, MOST claim aesthetic value over functionality. When you look at your window, you don't necessary see "art" right away, you see function. A window is a window. Then of course there are some of us who believe even that window is a work of craftsmanship, therefore, art. However, and while I don't mean to generalize any of us, we seem to view this window as something that separates between inside and outside. And some of us may argue: this isn't art, it's just a window, a mass produced window.

Now, I disagree with the general consensus regarding this. IzzuThug seems to have a good idea here on the matter.

"Just about anything in the world can be considered an art. Is a mona lisa that looks like crap but was created by shooting a paintball gun at a wall considered art? Just everything else in the world that is trying to be sold to the consumer the consumer has to like it or have some connection to it to appeal to it. Considering whether something is art is not what we do when we judge, we are just saying whether or not we like it and if we think it's hard or not to reproduce or make."

Though what's really interesting is what we value as art and what we don't. Even, to my surprise, some people who designed the things around you, don't really see what they've designed as "art." They much rather see it as an invention. In other words, even with the appeal, sometimes it's just done to create the appeal and not necessary the sort of "art" we may see as "art." In a more vague sense, I can agree that this can be art, but I'm generally not going through the supermarket thinking, "These are so well designed." No, I'm thinking, "Well I want that jar of pickles."

This makes me go "hmm." And as much as I'd love to see everything with a different perspective, I don't seem to be able to override my unconsciousness from telling me that I'm just passing through the supermarket. Artists of course can turn on their "artist switch" and think about the local supermarket as being a full of design, technology, and functionality, though who else thinks like us? And this is where we hit a sort of wall. Because by definition, we can go as relativist as we want, and we'll end up with perhaps "a trillion answers" but we DO in fact have a dividing line that we seem to be terrible at describing.

In my view, what becomes art isn't really how we see it as art: I think it's honestly about display. Dadaists have done a great job with this. You may know Duchamp, famous for "The Fountain." I've seen this in person in the National Art Center in Roppongi, Tokyo during their show, "Living in the material world "things" in art of the 20th century and beyond". And you can't help but hear people just ask themselves, "What the hell is this?" The pamphlet for this exhibit (intended for kids I assumed) had a bit of bold outlining of the exhibit: "Is this art? Or is this not?" And surely, I don't know. But we can conclude in a very objective manner that what's very poetic about it is how it begs us to give an answer about what's art and what's not. Yes, it's a urinal laying on its side with a signature. But given the fact that it's in an art gallery, we're forced to think that it's some kind of art. We don't know or care if the answer is "art" or "not art" but to us it's this vagueness that dictates aesthetics and value. In the case of Duchamp, I think it was more "value" than art.

Now, the other side to the debate about the qualification of art lies heavily on our way of seeing things. The comments I've read so far had significantly to do with perspective and the way we perceive an object given our understanding. However, this definition can extend to further things such as environment. In other words what surrounds us makes art as well. Now, again, back to Duchamp and his Fountain. His work, in an art gallery, is displayed with proper lighting to extend the form of the object and so on. This gallery was very dimly lit in fact, the focus was obviously the artwork itself which gave me the sense that what I'm seeing is important in some way. Given that I was in an art gallery, my brain subconsciously fixed itself to the fact that I was here, intending to see art.

In other words, what may or may not define art also relies heavily on the environment. As an example, there was an marketing survey that was conducted on how presentation affects our view of quality. (Source: Snopes) In this experiment, a professional top violinist, Joshua Bell played 6 Bach pieces for 45 minutes in a metro station. He played, some people listened, most people passed, and he basically collected $32 from 20 people and 6 people stopped to listen for a while. That's very interesting. In other words, our perception is constantly being fooled by an external, surrounding entity. We are choosing what's art and what's not art through the display of things.

Allow me to conclude here.

First of all, what qualifies as art, while we're very relativist about this matter, I at the same time believe that there's a pretty distinct line we draw. To me, what divides art is it's presentation, display, and it's overall intent. I am subconsciously being controlled and manipulated by the environment (and this gets into a lot of other things too!) but either way, our view of things change so rapidly that at one point we may see a lamp post as art but at other times we may not.

In one way, what we end up is still a messy goop of reality and our ideal. Though this always happens anyway.

I've recently had a discussion about this matter too along with a friend of mine. To him, some of the things I've created isn't art. You may have noticed that some of the items in my gallery seem rather computed than done manually. He believes that they're too computer generated and given that, I'm really not controlling it as most of the process is "automated." This is partially true. But what I disagree on is the fact that it's not the process that matters, it's the final product that gets seen. And it's also the fact that I have something ideal in my mind and I follow those ideals to create something that in the end is pleasing to the eye. Given that, even with a partially automated system of creating art, we end up with pleasure. And maybe, by following a computer program doing art for you isn't 100% original, but that doesn't matter too much I think. I see that more as, "Who cares. People only see the final product." If they like it, they like it. If they think it's art, it's art. If they want to see more, I'll give them more. And while I'm probably simplifying the issue here, maybe it's better to think like that instead of getting down to the nitty gritty of what's art and what's not art.

Am I a relativist saying that? Sort of. But I still think I've defined some boundaries of art and not. And this is totally up to you on agreeing or disagreeing the issue.

It's an important issue about defining art since it defines us. It defines our culture, it defines our behavior, it defines everything we see.

Any opinions? Comment below. And thanks for all your commentary. I tried to get most of them in, but some of them got repetitive. So I ended up leaving those out. Sorry if you commented and expected some response from me and thanks for taking part in the discussion. It was very interesting hearing your thoughts.

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Discussion: Your Qualification of Art

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 4:28 AM
Here's a question for you:

What qualifies as art? What doesn't? Discuss this matter below. I'll summarize it on the next journal post.

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